Yearly Examinations

Yearly well examinations, not to be confused with yearly vaccinations, are a must for your pet to have a long and healthy life.  The most important part of every wellness examination is a thorough physical check-up.  A wellness exam for a puppy or kitten may not be the best exam for a senior pet.  No matter what age your pet is, the earlier any medical issues are discovered and addressed, the better the outcome will be.  Let us help you keep your “Fur Child” healthy!


Canine Wellness Exams:

Canines up to 2 or 3 years of age are extremely susceptible to contagious diseases and core vaccines are absolutely necessary.  Physical examinations identify parasites, any congenital, behavioral, and breed issues, and evaluate for the need for non-core vaccines.  We can help you get your pet started off on the right paw!

Middle age dogs, from two to 8 or 10 years of age may require fewer vaccinations.  Occasional blood work establishes your pet’s normal values and parasite status.  This is also the age we start establishing a treatment plan to address any joint, dental or allergy issues.

Senior dogs, eight to ten years or more, may require wellness examinations twice a year to monitor aging issues such as arthritis, kidney disease and heart problems.  Blood work, urinalysis and radiographs to find and address early disease become more important than vaccinating for contagious diseases at this age.  We strive help you maintain the maximum quality of life for your pet.