Persimmon Meadows

Fountain Inn, SC - Local, Natural Honey

Persimmon Meadows Bee Hive


Persimmon Meadows is a locally owned and operated apiary by the Roberts family. The Roberts have been keeping bees for over 20 years. All of the apiary sites are within 10 miles of Fountain Inn or Simpsonville, SC. None of the hives are moved during the nectar flow, so all of the honey produced is from this location. The product is not pasteurized or micro-filtered. Bees are allowed to finish processing the nectar into honey before it is extracted. Honey produced this way still contains some pollen and vitamins so it will granulate in time, but it will not spoil. If the granulated honey is warmed slowly and not allowed to get over 110° F, it will liquefy again and not effect the taste. Honey should not be fed to children under 2 years of age. We do produce some creamed honey. This past year we added homemade soap to our product line. This coming year we anticipate offering lip balm and lotions containing bees wax.