Medical Services


Medical Services

We find that medical cases frequently require problem solving or elimination of causes to make the diagnosis as specific as we can. All medical cases start with the history the pet owner can provide and a complete physical examination. In some cases, this may be all that is necessary to make a diagnosis, but in many cases further information is necessary and specific diagnostics are required. Many diagnostics can be performed in-house in our laboratory. Radiographs or ultrasounds, which can be done in-house may be needed. We involve a trained, Boarded Internist if a diagnosis requires more expertise in the most complicated of cases.

Once we have defined the patient’s problem, we can offer outpatient treatment where indicated. Some cases may require surgery or hospitalization to correct the problem. Making the diagnosis as specific as possible helps to accurately monitor the patient and watch for expected changes to therapy.


We believe that every effort must be made to make a surgical procedure as safe as possible for your pet.  The same strict attention given to complicated, risky procedures should be given to all surgeries.  For this reason, each pet receives a pre-surgical examination, diagnostic tests if necessary and appropriate pre-surgical pain medication administered prior to surgery.  A dedicated member of the surgical team constantly monitors the patient’s vital signs allowing the surgeon or surgeons to direct all their attention to the surgical procedure. This reduces the risk of unexpected emergencies.

At Fountain Inn Animal Clinic, we strive for 100-percent satisfactory results on all procedures. Following a procedure, a member of the team remains with the patient until they are awake enough from the anesthesia to swallow on their own.  Instructions for at-home care, medications and follow-up visits will be addressed when your pet goes home with you.

We perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries and some orthopedic repairs.  In cases requiring surgeries that we cannot accommodate, we will help you find surgeons qualified to provide your needed service.

Emergency Care

We refer our emergency patients to the Animal Emergency Clinic in Greenville.  They have a well trained staff on-hand to deal with all emergencies that might arise when we are not open.  You can contact the Upstate Vet Emergency + Specialty Care in Greenville or Veterinary Emergency Center in Mauldin.